Technology Sales Recruiting

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We only deliver candidates with the highest percentage match to your opening. We catalog all of the essential attributes within the profession of selling - the functional area, level, and size of companies; sales cycles & deal sizes; personal and team quotas & ranking amongst team; new vs. existing clients; even down to how often they are on a plane each month.

Technology Sales Recruiting

Technology Sales Recruiting

Great technology sales recruiting is an art. Technology sales recruitment agencies are all looking to help clients hook up the best salespeople in technology. We’re different because we recruit sales professionals that have the right experience for your product or service. At SalesPro Connect, we specialize in technology sales recruiting and marketing professional recruiting to support technology companies with the right people for the job. When we are hired to find a position for you, we go right to the source of the talent so we can help drive company growth and accelerate performance.

Our SaaS sales recruiters use methods that are more effective than traditional saas sales recruitment agencies to find the right sales talent that can understand your software, the clients, and the need your service satisfies for those clients. It’s important to us to find the candidate that is able to fully understand your service, and the people that it is designed for. While most sales rep recruitment agencies will only focus on finding a solution for you fast from a job board – we use our proprietary methods to go straight to the most qualified candidates who have already proven themselves.

SalesPro Connect brings screening consistency to the hiring process. We use a proprietary process called SalesTags. Using our system, we match every quantifiable candidate for the most critical aspects of your position’s needs. Our process and systems provide high value in screening candidates to improve the quality of the skills and talents best suited for your open position. Our sales job recruiters are aligned 100% to find, screen, and deliver the right sales talent to your business. Instead of using job boards, we approach targeted candidates who have an existing reputation for generating revenue. Our process is different, because of our proprietary methods, which we’re confident will yield the results you’re looking for.

At sales pro connect, we have placement recruiters that work in the following industries: Technology, Life Sciences, Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Manufacturing, Energy and Oil, Aerospace & Defense, Media & PR, Lighting, Marketing, and Beverage Distribution. We have experience in many fields, so we know what it takes to find the right candidate for your industry. We get that each industry has its nuances, and we’ll work with you to find the right candidate for the job.

If you go with us, we’ll take the time to understand your strategy and business goals in the context of the position you’re looking to hire talent into. We also consider sales incentives, so your hire will be excited and highly motivated for the success of your company. We’re different than other sales and marketing recruitment agencies because we use a proprietary process, which involves advanced screening, and we have methods that go straight to the source of talent.

Our placement recruiters are very talented at finding the people you’re looking for. That process starts with connecting with us to ask for a quote for your position. We can start right away, once we know what position you’re looking to fill, and what the requirements are. Contact us now and our technology sales recruiting experts get to work for you today.

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Technology Sales Recruiting

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