Our pricing is simple

To ensure a return on your investment, we invest upfront in a strategic discovery process. We customize a scope of work and establish delivery deadlines. We specify our involvement in the interview process, team travel required, the administration of psychological or behavioral assessments, who is taking responsibility for accurate background/references checks and finally, how long we will need to keep the search "live" after you onboard someone. We do all of this to ensure that you have options and are empowered to make the best possible decision with this critical hire.

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The old way of pricing doesn't work when recruiting sales talent.

Sales compensation varies wildly and the best hires pay for themselves 10x, 20x, and sometimes 100x what you are paying them year after year. Every company has different profit margins and different sales cycles. Why then, do most recruiting firms price sales recruiting off a % of a sales candidates compensation? How do you know they are not just sending you the most expensive candidate vs the best fit?